KyPass 4 and WebDAV howto

KyPass 4 supports WebDAV so it was worth a try. Start KyPass 4 on your iOS device. Tap the cloud button. Tick the option slider “Use WebDAV” Enter your WebDAV URL and the credentials to login. Are you using NextCloud/OwnCloud? In this case the URL should look like: https://yourdomain.tld/nextcloud/remote.php/webdav/folderwithakdbxinit/ The Read more…

plist conversion on Mac OS X

If you want to edit a plist file in text format, first convert it from binary format to xml format using plutil [1]: plutil -convert xml1 yourpropertyfile.plist After editing in text format, convert back the property file to binary format using plutil [1]: plutil -convert binary1 yourpropertyfile.plist [1]